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Protecting Drip Irrigation, Australia


Shepparton is situated within the rich dairying, fruit growing and agricultural region of the Goulburn Valley, one of the largest centres of irrigation in Australia, with the area responsible for producing around 25 percent of Victoria's rural output.

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The Challenge

One of our dealer's customers is the owner of a orchard in Shepparton, and was looking to replace his water filtration system, that was more than 10 years old. The system was still functional, but not as efficiently as he would have liked.

With water prices on a constant rise, and since the filtration system was so out-dated, the orchard owner was looking for a more modern, efficient and cost effective filter.

The channel water supply had high organic and silt loads.

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The Solution

The old system was replaced by our 2 X 4” Sigma.

Flow rate: 200 m3/h

Filtration degree: 130 micron

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The Results

The customer is extremely satisfied with the results of the Sigma system.

  • Flush cycle of replaced system: 6-10 minutes.
  • Flush cycle of Sigma system: 55 minutes.

This brought an enormous reduction in back flush water, in turn allowing the orchard owner to save on his water costs.

The customer was able to achieve full return on his investment in only 2 years.

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